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film shoots with Midim

services & organization of shootings

Producer, specialized agency, organization looking to film a report or interview: tell us about your project. We will be the experienced partner that meets your expectations.

We bring together the crew and technical means appropriate to your needs—indoors, in studio or outdoors.

Contact us to organize your shoots or complete your crew.

image & sound

For a customized response to your filming needs that takes into account your expectations and our technical resources (cameras, microphones, accessories...), submit your project, dates and wishes through our contact form or give us a call!

cameras, lenses, recorders & controllers, batteries, fluid head tripod

  • Sony ILME-FX6 camera, Zacuto Z-Finder viewfinder, Tilta shoulder rig + Shape extension handle
  • Sony ILME-FX3 camera, Tilta cage & handles, NPA-MQZ1K Adapter Set
  • Sony FE 35/1.4 GM, FE 85/1.4 GM and FE 135/1.8 GM lenses, 24-70/ 2.8 GM and 16-35/ 2.8 GM zoom lenses
  • Other full format lenses: Leica & Nikon
  • Chrosziel MB Mattebox, Tilta Mirage MB-T16 + neutral and polarizing filters
  • Atomos Shogun 7” 4K HDR Monitor Recorder, HDMI / SDI, ProRes RAW, real-time swichting 4 video streams
  • Atomos Flame Inferno Accessory Kit
  • Atomos Ninja V 4K Monitor Recorder
  • Tentacle Sync EMK II Single set, sound sync and multicam
  • Datavideo TP-500 Teleprompter / 9.7” iPad
  • HandyMan G Force Dynamic sled steadicam and 7" TFT LCD monitor
  • DJI Ronin S Stabilizer
  • Sony and Anton Bauer batteries, IDX: BP-U, V-Mount, NP-FZ100
  • Miller Arrow 40 carbone fluid head tripod & 2 Sachtler bol 100 + shoe
  • Godox Reflectors, Tenba carry-on, Love pro bags, Manfrotto, Trolley Sachtler…

sound recorders, microphones, wireless mics, boom…

  • Aaton Cantar X
  • Mixpre 6, Mixpre 10 2 Sound Devices
  • Schoeps CMCS
  • AudioLimited EM2 (+ Sanken capsule)
  • Seinnheser GH3 (+ Sanken capsule)
  • Seinnheser Ambeo VR Mic
  • Sennheiser MKH 60P PH48
  • AKG, Tram Wireless Mic
  • AudioLimited Wireless System
  • Lavalier Tentacle Sync TC Track E TR1
  • Tentacle Sync E MK II (audio sync & multicam)
  • Sony ECM-B1M A7RIV stereo micro-cam
  • AudioTechnica AT875R micro-cam
  • LTM boom, Rycote Windjammer, Softie
  • Zoom H6 Kit & accessories

lighting & studio

Mains-operated or battery-powered LED lighting, as well as more traditional halogen or HMI lamps!

Most common accessories: light diffuser, reflector, filters, light box, pliers, magic arm, projector stands, cable coupler.

Video recording in acoustic studio

Audiovisual recordings in an appropriate environment: acoustic studio equipped with silent lighting and a soundproof CMV.

outdoor shoots

with mains or 14 & 26V battery supplies

  • AltaTube RGB 80W 2700-7500K (dimming) + honeycomb panels (x3)
  • AtomCube RGB 15W 2500-8500K (dimming)
  • Astra 3X bicolor 55W Litepanel (dimming), diffuser & light box (x2)
  • Nanlite Led Forza 200W 5000K spotlight (dimming) + Fresnel FL 20G
  • Nanlite PavoTube II 6C + tripods + honeycomb panels (x2)

mains power or generator

  • Cinepar 575W HMI (x2)
  • 1200W HMI (x2)
  • Fresnels 600W & 300W (x6)
  • Two-position Kinoflo 96W 5000K lighting (x3)
  • Blonde 2KW, Mandarine 1KW & 800W (x6)
  • Steel stands, flags, reflectors, pliers, clamps, suitcases, trolley…

other projectors, accessories, filters: ask us or our partners

acoustic studio

low-joule and silent projectors:

  • Two-position Kinoflo 96W 5000K back lighting (x 3)
  • AltaTube RGB 80W 2700-7500K (dimming) (x 3)
  • AtomCube RGB 15W 2500-8500K (dimming)
  • Fresnel ProLight 38W 5000K backlight (dimming), DMX (x 6)
  • Astra 3X bicolor 55W Litepanel (dimming), diffuser & light box (x 2)
  • Nanlite Led Forza 200W 5000K spotlight (dimming) + Fresnel FL 20G
  • Magmod pro 24 Octa light box + Speedring + honeycomb panels

colored backdrops and inlays:

  • Chromakey green coton backdrop
  • Westcott Chromakey stretch green backdrop
  • Westcott High key stretch white backdrop
  • Westcott stretch black backdrop


Based on our knowledge of your project, we can refer you to local partners if necessary.

nearby equipment rental companies or specialized service providers

  • for professional video or photo, Numériphot: ‭+33 (5) 62 73 32 60‬
  • for lighting and movie cameras, Papaye: +33 (5) 62 21 33 50‬

a neighbor photographer

  • in the Minimes district, photographer Benoît Guerry - Studio Ze: ‭‭+33 (5) 61 42 89 26